Here are the Cameleon Browns, Black and White available in the 32 gr size, as well as 45gr black and white.


BL3012 Coffee Brown

BL3013 Strong Black

BL3014 Black Velvet

BL3015 Pure White

BL3022 Almond

BL3023 Espresso

BL3024 Macchiato

BL3025 Fifty

BL3031 Blood Rain

BL3032 Darkness

BL3037 Skull 


BL4013 Strong Black 45gr

BL4014 Black Velvet 45gr

BL4015 Pure White 45 Gr


32gr/45gr/90gr Black/White/Brown

  • Baseline Solid Makeup - Water-Activated
    Paraffin/Glycerin base makes Cameleon Baseline makeup great for both blending and line work.  It is paraben-free and has no scent added! It comes in 37 amazing base colors.

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