How do I work with my Cameleon cake makeup?

With Cameleon makeup, less is more. You do not need to use a lot of water with Cameleon makeup.start with a small amount and begin to work them up adding a small amount at a time until you have worked them up into a nice creamy consistency.  This is the way you will want to keep your makeup as you use it.  This is the consistency you will want to work up to and use with all of Cameleon's cake makeup, including the UV makeup. This will allow you to lay down a nice opaque layer - even with yellow, which is notorious for being translucent and difficult to eliminate brush strokes.

Cameleon cake makeup will work nicely with everything from fine brushes to kabuki brushes and sponges.  It blends beautifully and gives wonderful crisp linework.

How do I work with my Cameleon Airbrush makeup?

​​Cameleon airbrush makeup is water-based and ready to use. The most important thing to know remember about Cameleon Airline makeup is that because it is very highly pigmented, it needs to be shaken very well before each use.  Upon first use, it may be very difficult to mix, and may even require stirring - a popsicle stick or a sculpting spatula work really well. there is a shaker ball in every bottle, but it can be stuck in the pigment.  After this initial mixing, you should not have to do it again, just shake it well.  If you do not mix the makeup thoroughly, it will not perform as intended, missing the beautiful opaque colors in the metallic colors and the highly pigmented, brilliant UV colors.

Cameleon airbrush makeup should be applied in thin layers and built up, blending colors.  Thin layers lay lightly on the skin and don't crack.  The makeup is durable and comes in a wide variety of colors.

How do i remove Cameleon makeup?

Of course, being a water-based/ water activated makeup, it can be removed with regular soap and water.Cameleon offers several wonderful options for cleaning both the skin and your brushes.  The Cameleon bar soap is gentle on the skin, yet effectively removes water-based makeups (cake and airbrush), and nearly every color without leaving staining behind - depending on the skin type of course.. It is just effective at, beauty bushes​, face and bodypaint brushes and even some artistic brushes!  The soap is incredibly effective and also comes in a pump foam.

Cameleon also offers an amazing waterless makeup remover that works on nearly every makeup, special FX product and adhesive!  All of this and it is still gentle on the skin.  The remover comes in a convenient pump lotion form and just works into the makeup and wipes off with a paper towel, or even better, a microfiber towel.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order directly through this website or you can support a vendor in your area.  While there are numerous vendors for the cake makeup and all other products, but there are only three vendors in addition to this site available to order airbrush makeup. Those vendors are Jest Paint, Sweet Pea Parties, and Glitt

Payment and Shipping

Ordering from this site is easy.  Payment is through Paypal or by credit and shipment is through USPS Priority mail, depending on the size and weight of the package. You should always receive a tracking number. 


All orders ship on Thursday. If you need your product sooner than this schedule allows, please contact me via email. At this time, shipping is free on all regular orders. Priority, express and overnight orders will be charged for those actual shipping rates. If there are any issues with your order, I will contact you via email.

Secure Ordering & Payment Options


All payments are secure if placed through this site.  Orders placed through other Cameleon vendors are subject to their policies.




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